Palingenesis - an installation


The installation is a combination of film and sound and explores ideas of generation/regeneration and transformation; 
ideas that are connected to the current physical transformation that is taking place in the redevelopment of Princesshay. 
The film charts the progress of a small area of the redevelopment over one day, the result is a record of the changes that have occurred 
but not as a before and after set of photographs but as a snapshot of the work in progress. 
By its nature it is a project both by and for the community - it is both a record of the changes (captured for future generations) 
and an opportunity to reflect and assess the regeneration of the city as it occurs.

It is hoped that through this project a number of aims will be achieved. 
Firstly it is an opportunity to present local talent, secondly it will help to raise the profile of the x-centre as a creative training and development centre. 
The work will present the redevelopment of the city centre in a new and different light and it will also 
(through the provision of a comments book) allow the community the opportunity to comment on both the work itself 
and to add their reflections of the redevelopment. 
Finally, the work will continue to exist once the Festival has finished as a historical record of the changing city centre during the redevelopment period.

The installation was sited at the x-centre in Commercial Road Exeter for a period of 3 days covering the dates 16th - 18th November 2005.