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Over the period 9th May 2020 and 21st May 2020 I made a series of sound recordings

while on my daily exercise during the period of lockdown due to covid_19.

My original intention was to create a music machine piece from some audio recordings

made whilst we have been in lockdown.

As with all projects that have a relatively vague starting point the project developed

and ended with three distinct areas. The first was the audio recordings; the second was the development of

software that would manipulate those recordings and the third was the creation of a soundmap.

click here to view the soundmap

The orange markers are the sites where I made recordings. I wrote some new software that manipulates

the recordings and then plays them back. The machine edits the full length audio clips into many

shorter ones and adds a fade in or fade out to them as well.

Once this processing is complete the machine starts playing back the audio files at random times

and volumes to create a new soundscape. The final version can be found by clicking the Music Machine icon.

You can listen to all the recordings here

read more about the project

This project was achieved with support from Kaleider

Ministry of Music Machine Building

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