Music Machine 4

for string quartet

violin   viola   cello

instructions for use

Music Machine 4 consists of 14 cells ranging from 4 to 16 notes,
click here to view a document that shows all cells in the treble clef.

When you are ready click on the link for your instrument.

You will first see a black screen,
then one of the cells will be displayed with some performance directions above and below the stave.
Three performance instructions will appear above the stave.

The top one is an indication of speed (fast, medium or slow),
fast should be roughly equivalent to crotchet = 176 bpm
and the other tempi should be relative to that marking.
Ultimately this is at the player's discretion.
The middle direction will not always appear;
when it does it will ask for the cell to played an octave above or below (for viola and cello)
and, for violin, either one or two octaves above.
If there is no instruction then play the cell as written.

The 3rd direction indicates the style in which the cell is to be played (pizz, arco etc).

Below the stave the dynamic marking is shown (ranging from ppp to fff).

In between the display of the cells the screen will go black,
when it remains black (after about 6 minutes) the piece is finished.